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Polygala myrtifolia

Polygala myrtifolia

Polígala de hoja de mirto

Rustic plant from South Africa. This plant works as indoor and/or outdoor.

Its leaves are persistent and of a deep green colour and butterfly-shaped blooms with a wonderful purple violet continuously, usually between February and November.

Techniques, cares and climatic conditions that we have in our nurseries make possible to obtain a very compact and homogeneous plant.

His great early flowering, their easy and undemanding care and its manifold possibilities of use make it an attractive plant on the stores and high end consumer valuation.

Sale formats:

Format Diameter Diameter Liters Liters EAN
BALL C17 3L 8435244002954
BALL C20 5L 8435244015114
SHRUB C18 2,5L 8435244005368
SHRUB C20 5L 8435244011413
SHRUB T30 - 8435244008154