About us

PROVAL GROUP was born in 1992 after the union of several leading growers of Mediterranean plant in the province of Valencia (Spain), with over 50 years of experience in the sector.

The objective of this union is to market the products together to offer the widest range of varieties and formats, ensuring excellence and consistency in the quality of plants and distribution network.

  • More than 500.000m² for production

  • 25.000m² of logistics center

  • Almost 2.500.000 plants in production

  • More than 1.000 referenced products

  • 1.750.000 traded plants

In 2002, PROVAL Group was the first Spanish company in the sector to be institutionally recognized as a producer group of live plants and flowers.

Nowadays , the PROVAL Group, made up for four partners, is valued by its customers as a reference in the field of ornamental horticulture and strives to keep learning , improving and growing every year as a business group from customer commitment and continuous improvement as a business group.


PROVAL Group mission is to serve the market demand and customer satisfaction and guarantee a service and a quality product carefully designed from its inception in the production process to delivery, reporting a benefit to their partners and a personal and professional development to its employees, acting always in a sustainable and responsible way with the environment.


PROVAL Group corporate vision is to grow in existing markets through the loyalty of its clients improving every day the quality of their products and services, achieving innovation through new varieties, forms and presentations and to allow the opening of new potential markets, with maximum incorporation of added value through social environmental commitment in the overall performance of the group.


• Trust
• Sustainability
• Leadership
• Innovation
• Commitment
• Teamwork
• Honesty
• Social responsability
• Environmental responsibility
• Integrity